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Hi, My name is Bren and I have been practicing yoga since 2012.

I came to yoga seeking to reconnect with my body after years (decades) of neglect.

What I found on the mat was a sense of completeness and calm. Right now, I realise that yoga is not about me, or my practice, but about being part of a greater energy. A space to grow, evolve, expand and explore.

You’re invited to be a part of the Australian Yoga Directory as a way to encourage all participants in the space to be more easily found. Being online and being part of the digital space is critical for connection.

Please join in and be a part of this digital community – whether you’re a studio or a solo yogini/yogi, every single individual is welcome. If you are not ready to commit the $50 membership fee – please feel encouraged to email me info[AT]earthdigital.com.au for a sponsored listing.

To connect, please text 0431 840 048 or contact page.

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The Australian Yoga Directory is operated by Earth Digital Pty Ltd in sunny Merewether, New South Wales.

Please text our helpline on 0431 840 048 during business hours if you have any questions about your membership application.

We encourage submissions from the Australian Yoga Community – Yoga Suppliers, Yoga Teachers, Yoga Studios, Yoga Venues, Yoga Teacher training,  and Yoga Retreats and Events.

We also welcome Original Articles, Interviews, Writing and Blogposts – if you would like to share your story – please consider our Guest Blogpost option.

Please note we are australian.florist for a reason – we ONLY accept Australian submissions.

Joining is Simple

First, meet your membership fee $50 to https://paypal.me/ssstraws

Next, let me know your website so I can get your details and edit your listing with your logo. 

Once your payment is processed, it normally takes about 24hrs for your membership to become live on the directory.  Remember, your membership is lifetime and remains permanently active.  Lifetime means lifetime.  We don’t charge monthly or annual fees.

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